RioChrome represents a proposed merger between Gurta AG’s Zimbabwean assets, a Swiss Company that is engaged in the business of warehousing, distributing and trading various metals including Ferro Chrome and other Ferro Alloys, and RioZim.

Resources for nearly 7 Mtonnes of ore are located in the Ngezi Area, which can be reached through a road which was recently built to support the nearby Zimplats operation and allows a fast and secure connection between the plant and the mining area.


Today Maranatha is on the brink of returning to full operating capacity, processing 7,500t of chromite ore per month. However, what makes production at Maranatha truly remarkable is its unique approach to sourcing its ore.

Following a full redevelopment of the plant, RioChrome will focus on sourcing its ore from the surrounding small-scale mining community. In a first for any African mining company, RioChrome will invest invest heavily in small-scale mining activities. Extensive training programmes will be created to teach small-scale miners how to operate modern mining equipment and employ techniques that would enable them to reach production levels that were previously unattainable. In doing so, RioChrome will create a path for sustainable livelihoods as well as a secure supply source for its chrome ore.

Currently, Maranatha has the capacity to process 7,500t of ore per month, yielding over 2,200t of ferrochrome for export, but after raising a further $7,420,000 for a third 50 tonne furnace, the total processing capacity will increase to 188,000 tonnes per month. A third 50t per day smelter will increase the processing capacity of the plant by 1,550t per month resulting in total ferrochrome output of 3,750t per month.